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Hormones In Harmony

Hormones In Harmony

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Ingredients:  Damiana Leaf, Nettle Root & Leaf, Red Clover & Mexican Sarsaparilla Root

Dosage:  1000mg total in each capsule, 250 mg of each herb in one capsule

Take 2-4 per day, first thing in the morning if that’s what you prefer. OR Take 1-3 an hour before bedtime separately or in combination with daily dosage. Begin at lowest dosage and increase as needed for proper rest. When combined with God’s Multimineral 1 or 2, the benefits of a balanced endocrine system will only be that much greater as the body’s nervous system depends highly on hormones that also act as neurotransmitters. 

Benefits include:  Damiana is an aphrodisiac and promotes sexual stimulation.  It is said to have compounds with effects similar to that of progesterone.  Over 150 herbs were tested with their ability to bind to estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer cells and found that Damiana was among the 6 highest progesterone-binding herbs and spices.  Damiana is used for asthma, anxiety, depression, headaches/migraines, and menstrual disorders, along with increasing energy and reversing impotence.  Damiana will also increase oxygen supply and stimulates the intestinal tract.  


Nettle Root/Leaf is a mild diuretic.  Used to treat joint pain and help rid the body of excess water.  Also beneficial in relieving symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland.  In a 2013 issues of “Phytomedicine” nettle was found to help reduce inflammation and treat arthritis.  Nettle root is great for a natural allergy relief and overall health of skin, bones and urinary health. Nettle contains serotonin, histamine and acetylcholine.  It’s rich in antioxidants, and has the following properties:  antimicrobial, anti-ulcer, astringent and analgesic capabilities.  It also treats gout, eczema, and anemia, and hay fever.  Nettle root promotes lactation, stimulates hair growth, helps control blood sugar in patients with diabetes, reduces bleeding from gingivitis, treats kidney disorders, relieves water retention, treats hemorrhoids, and prevents or treats diarrhea.

Red Clover reduces menopause symptoms, maintains bone strength, makes hair strong, lowers the risk of cancer, reduces skin aging, treats psoriasis and eczema, treats infertility and improves cardiovascular health.  Good for bacterial infections, coughs, inflamed lungs and inflammatory bowel disorders as well as kidney and liver problems. Red Clover supports weakened immune systems 

Mexican Sarsaparilla Root is able to treat impotence, headaches, colds, joint pain, helps weight loss, detoxifies the body, prevents inflammation, reduces stress and anxiety and improves libido. It contains at least 24 extracts that help to naturally treat and prevent cancer.  Protecting the liver as its a natural diuretic with detoxifying abilities.  Research shows that saponins and plant steroids found in sarsaparilla mimics the effects of natural reproductive hormones and growth steroids , including estrogen and testosterone.  Due to its antioxidants sarsaparilla breaks mucus bonds and makes it less sticky, phlegm and bacteria are therefore angel to be passed out of the body more easily. Sarsaparilla contains iron, aluminum and zinc naturally, which are trace minerals our body needs.   

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