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Immune Aid

Immune Aid

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Ingredients:  Camu Camu, Goji Berry powder, Amla fruit powder & plant cellulose capsules 


Dosage: approximately 450mg of each powder per capsule 

For adults take 2-4 daily, if ill increase up to 7 a day for quick recovery.  For children who are able, take 2 adult sized capsules every day.  


Camu camu has 60x the vitamin C of any plant in the world. It’s great for strengthening the immune system, boosting energy, reducing inflammation, helps maintain healthy gums, eyes and skin, supports healthy lungs, liver, lymphatic system and nervous system.  Fights cold and flu and is a powerful antioxidant which prevents rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.


Goji berry contains 18 amino acids (8 essential), 21 trace minerals, rich in vitamin A & C, rich in antioxidants which attack free radicals thereby preventing neurodegenerative disorders as well as preventing damage to tissues.  It protects the liver and reduces fatigue and stress.  Goji berry has the highest concentration of “protein” out of all fruit.  It increases metabolic rate, stimulates the immune system and enhances vision, also improving cardiovascular and digestive health. 

Amla fruit contains fiber that helps the body regulate bowel movements and may help to relieve symptoms from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. High levels of vitamin C in Amla berries helps your body absorb other nutrients, so they may be helpful if you take iron and other mineral supplements. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in amla can benefit memory by fighting against free radicals that can attack and damage brain cells. Amla's high concentration of Vitamin C helps your body produce norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter believed to improve brain function in people with dementia.

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