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Colon Wellness

Colon Wellness

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 Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Turkey Rhubarb, Black Walnut Hull, Senna Leaf and plant cellulose (capsules).

Dosage: approximately 200 mg of each herb per capsule 

Take 3-5 a day for four days and take 3 days rest, repeat for a month and revisit regimen after a week or two break. Please use website chat if you have any questions.

Benefits include:  Cascara sagrada relieves constipation, helps hemorrhoids, supports and detoxes the colon, has antimicrobial properties and promotes emotional well-being due to its ability to improve the central nervous system.  It’s a laxative, cleanses the liver and gallbladder, helps with arthritis, cirrhosis, colitis and indigestion. 

Turkey rhubarb is used for liver and colon wellness, with a mild laxative effect.  It contains anti cancer and radioprotective effects and relieves gastrointestinal dysfunction. Rhubarb also reduces the radiation-reduced lung toxicity and increases pulmonary function in lung cancer patients.  It has been shown in studies to mediate hepaprotective effects of hepatitis. Turkey Rhubarb contains Lindeyin, a phenolic gallyglucoside, which exhibits analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Black walnut hull has been shown to expel parasites, and has antifungal properties. The tannins in black walnut hull have an astringent effect which tightens the epidermis, mucous membranes and relieves irritation.  Black walnut hull is an excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).  Black walnut hull is a great herb to fight chronic constipation, intestinal toxemia, portal congestion and hemorrhoids.  Black walnut hull protects against cancer thanks to its constituents, quinones, promoting also the death in human colorectal cells. It’s a great source of manganese, copper, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-6, selenium, zinc and iron.


Senna Leaf……..


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