Immunity Tincture
Immunity Tincture
Immunity Tincture
Immunity Tincture
Immunity Tincture
Immunity Tincture

Immunity Tincture

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Immunity Tincture Blend

Ingredients:  Organic Elderberries, Organic Elderflower, Clove, Ginger Root, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin (Palm Derived) & Raw Unfiltered Honey

Dosage: take 1-2 dropper fulls for adults, per day for maintenance. Take 3-4 dropper fulls at onset of illness, until illness subsided. For kids,5-12, do half the dosage. For kids 1-4 do half a dropper full while ill. Half a dropper full every other day for maintenance.

Elderberry Benefits:


•reduces wrinkles and age spots 

•aids in eliminating excess cholesterol 

•promotes bone strength & development of new bone tissues 

•eliminates constipation and boosts GI system 

• beneficial in reduce blood pressure and managing diabetes 

•Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory 

•high in vitamin A,B, C and potassium 


Elderflower Benefits:

•Treats allergies, bronchitis and asthma 

•Improves Liver Function

•Anti-Viral and anti-inflammatory 

•Promotes healthy skin and nervous system 

Ginger Root Benefits:

•effective against nausea and respiratory illnesses

•Reduces muscle pain and inflammation

•remedy for food poisoning, diarrhea and indigestion 

•helps treat malaria and yellow fever


Clove Benefits:

•Promotes healthy stomach and liver protection 

•rids headaches

•antibacterial agent

•improves digestion 

•bloating, colic & nausea 


Honey Benefits:



•helps with seasonal allergies 

•probiotic, soothes coughs and colds

•rich in minerals 


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