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Fresh Air—Allergy Relief

Fresh Air—Allergy Relief

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Ingredients: nettle, mullein, and plant cellulose (capsules)

Dosage:  approximately 300 mg, 150 mg of each herb in each capsule. 150 mg of mullein, 150 mg of nettle

Take 1-2 a day. Take 1 to start and no more than 2 a day at any time. Take 2 for children suffering from seasonal allergies and acute respiratory illnesses .  First thing in the morning is the best time to take. 

Nettle is a great source of iron. It’s always an anti-inflammatory and can be used for any muscle pain or joint pain (arthritic conditions). It’s a great alternative for allergies as well.

Mullein is an awesome alternative to OTC allergy medicine and is amazing for upper respiratory health.  Mullein loosens phlegm and revitalizes the lungs for optimal function. 

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