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Parasite Be Gone

Parasite Be Gone

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Ingredients: wormwood, black walnut hull, Pau D’arco & vegetable cellulose (capsules)

Dosage: 300mg of each herb per capsule

Take 3-6 Capsules a day. 3 for acute, 6 for chronic.  Please consult a physician before use.


Benefits include: Wormwood is anti-parasitic with bitter components called tannins known to expedite the digestive process, as well as improve gallbladder and liver functions. Also suppresses tumor necrosis in patients with Crohn’s disease. Research shows that taking wormwood daily for 6-10 weeks improves symptoms, quality of life and mood in Chrohn’s disease patients. Wormwood has been shown to help with a kidney disease known as IgA nephropathy by reducing blood pressure and levels of protein in the urine.  Wormwood also reduces inflammation and pain from osteoarthritis. Other benefits include worm infestation treatment, insect bites, gallbladder disorders, loss of appetite and spasms.

Black walnut hull has flavonoids, quinones and polyphenols which are antineoplastic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiatherogenic and neuroprotective. Black walnut hull expels parasites with a key component called juglone. Juglone inhibits certain enzymes needed for metabolic function and is toxic to parasitic worms. Black walnut hull is effective against ringworm, tapeworm, pin or threat worm. Tannins in black walnut have an astringent effect which is used to tighten the epidermis, mucous membranes and relieve irritation. They’re an excellent source of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). Other constituents of black walnut hull include manganese, magnesium, vitamin E, potassium and dietary fiber. Black walnut inhibits growth of prostate and pancreatic cancer cells. It’s also antimalarial due to its constituent known as plumbagin. Black walnut hull boosts immune system, improves constipation and diarrhea, improves skin health, regulates cholesterol, and is anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and known to relieve heartburn.

Pau D’Arco is known to relieve arthritic pain, fights candida, reduces inflammation and oxidative damage due to injury and inflammatoy responses. Pau D’Arco aids digestion and heals ulcers by increasing cell proliferation and increasing mucus content.  Pau D’Arco has two active chemicals called naphthoquinones; they are lapachol and beta-lapachone. These chemicals have the power to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties and treat health conditions such as osteoarthritis. Pau D’arco contains compounds such as quinones, benzenoids and flavonoids. These have shown to have biological activity against harmful organisms. A 2005 study published in Oncology Reports found that lapachol has great potential to fighting metastasis, which is the spread of a cancer or other disease from one organ of the body to another. Pau D’arco contains selenium which is an antioxidant that removes free radicals that damage cells and trigger disease. Benefits of selenium include ability to increase immunity, take part in antioxidant activity that defends the body against free radical damage and inflammation, also playing a key role in boosting metabolism.