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Stomach Solace

Stomach Solace

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Ingredients: nopal cactus powder, blessed thistle, and plant cellulose (soy free capsules)

Dosage:  450mg of each herb per capsule


Take 2 before each meal, no more than 8 per day 

Benefits include: Nopal aids in digestion and weight loss, helps prevent skin, lung and oral cancers.  Beneficial in building and maintaining strong bones, helps in reducing symptoms of diarrhea & constipation, provides relief from insomnia, chronic anxiety & depression.  Effective in maintaining blood 
sugar levels in type 2 diabetics, gives relief from arthritis, injury, joint and muscle pain. 

Blessed thistle promotes salivation and stomach acid production, supports upper respiratory health, promotes a healthy digestive system, promotes healthy urine flow, supports skin health and wound healing and promotes lactation for breastfeeding mothers.  It is great for settling gastrointestinal issues, aids with gallbladder diseases, anti-inflammatory, assists joint issues, relieves headaches, alleviates painful menstruation., and supports a healthy liver.